Traveling the World in a Wheelchair

You Can Travel the World in a Wheelchair

Wheelchair travel
Did you know there are accommodations to travel most anywhere in a wheelchair? Yes, that means flying, cruising the sea, taking a train along the countryside, and more. You may be wondering, why does travel matter with COVID-19 banning most non-essential travel? The answer is simple, someday travel will resume, and you could bring mom or dad on the trip of their life.

Here’s a list of wheelchair accommodations in the travel industry:


Air travel: Wheelchair accessible lavatories, aisle chair, wheelchair assistance both on and off a flight

Cruise ships: Accessible public areas, automatic doors, wheelchair-accessible cabins and bathrooms

Train travel: Bridge plates, boarding assistance, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, and seating

Bus travel: wheelchair lift, ample space for seating


To ensure you or your loved one receives the support they need when traveling it’s best to call the company you’re traveling with before you go.


For more great tips on traveling in a wheelchair checkout:

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