Services to help with chores

Services to help with chores

I tend to overthink, worry about what my family would say about anything and everything. I like to know where I'm going in five years, next year, next month. I like goals; they drive me. My children are in college, each making their way, but we had a plan for it. Even if the plan was unclear, it was a direction, we had a dream. But that's not how it works with parents, we don't plan for them, we learn from them, we model them, and we assume they will always be okay. At least that was my story until mom got sick and passed away, and Dad moved, remarried and started over at 75.

While we are working, raising our own kids, or making our own plans, we can still cultivate a few tools to help our parents should they need it.

It is currently fall, but winter is coming, I am obsessing (worried) about raking leaves and shoveling snow. I have a friend who travels across Washington state monthly to visit her elderly mom and help where she can, but raking leaves and snow removal is a daily challenge.

How do families find the time or services when they know their parents or neighbor need help raking leaves or shoveling snow?

When creating a plan to help your parents who live across the state, get the snow removed or leaves raked this fall and winter, you are going to need some help. Cold weather is a problem for seniors. I've pulled together some resources for those times when you can't get across town, state, or the country to help your loved one. These national groups cover all corners of the country. 

Where do you find a few extra hands?

Free services:

  1. 2-1-1 this number was created by the FCC to be a resource for community needs. Call the number; the staff is accommodating. 2-1-1 gets funding from United Way in my area. They are more than emergency services you can connect to multiple resources. You can also access information at, but the site is confusing. I suggest calling Monday-Friday between 8 am-6 pm.
  2. Catholic Charities has a senior services division that offers a range of services, including household chore assistance. For Spokane, call 509-459-6184 weekdays or check the Catholic Charities USA website. 
  3. Jewish Family Services is a senior support system that provides a connection between older adults and their distant families. For Spokane, you can contact them at (509) 747-7394.
  4. With your senior's permission, reach out to their neighbors or church groups for help.

You can always hire a snow removal company or lawn service, but if you need someone as an extra hand on a once off basis, Check out services like OddJobbers or TaskRabbit.

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