Seniors perspective on refusing help

Seniors perspective on refusing help

A recent study from the Journal of American Geriatrics Society has examined the reluctance of seniors to accept home-based support.

They found 4 key themes why the reluctance was held:
1. Inability to do tasks: It is difficult for anyone to admit to themselves that are no longer fully able.
2. Burden on others: They do not want to hinder the life of someone else simply to help with a basic task
3. Lack of trust: They don't want to be exploited by caregivers
4. Loss of control: It is hard to relinquish control to others

Three strategies were discussed to help overcome these issues:
1. Reframe Independence: "Being independent" is often connoted with being an adult. This should be reframed that most humans are interdependent from birth. 
2. Contributing to others: Many seniors had themselves experienced the joy of helping others, and by accepting help they are contributing to the well-being of the helper. 
3. Overcoming the initial ask: It is difficult to ask for something the first time. Once asked once it becomes easier the next time. 

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