Are our parents looking for a new beginning in later retirement?

Are our parents looking for a new beginning in later retirement?

As we grow older and have kids ourselves we realize that the best gifts in life really are free. It all comes down the love we give to each other daily. 

You know those cheesy movies where the guy tells the girl that he “wants the best for you”. This is the love that we can give to our parents. What ideas can we help them with to have the best life in later retirement? 


What if your parents wanted to recreate their college years or take great classes without driving well some fantastic retirement communities across the country are making it happen. Senior Living and Higher education are combining resources to create communities for those who see retirement as a new beginning. We found a few communities leading the way, you might want to plan to visit a few this summer. 



Planning for the unexpected with a few bits of information will allow you to manage your busy life and help your parents when they need a helping hand. 


I am touring communities this week and heading to Seattle next week. If you have any recommendations, send them my way. I am interested in finding some rural retirement communities the one would describe as a hidden gem.  

Have a wonderful week, 



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