Making Home Safe for Mom and Dad

Making Home Safe for Mom and Dad

Taking precautions to make home safe for Mom and Dad is one way to show your parents you love them. Paying attention to detail will ensure the longevity of your loved ones. 


Here are some considerations to make to ensure the safety of your parents living conditions:


Flooring | Common injuries that seniors encounter is falling. Look for steps or uneven surfaces that could limit mobility.

            Considerations: ramps, hand railings, or clearing clutter 


Restrooms | Avoid slippery flooring from the shower as well as hard to reach places in the bathroom such as low toilets.

Considerations: slip-resistant mats, grab bars, detachable showerheads, or toilet seat risers


Before taking any safety measures, it’s important to discuss with Mom or Dad about their safety. Taking these considerations seriously could prevent a fatal fall and it promotes overall wellbeing.


A few companies that sell senior home safety products are,,, and


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