Grocery store delivery in WA state

Grocery store delivery in WA state

Technology can help you support your aging loved ones across the country or around the block.

I personally am scared for my parents going into crowded grocery stores and exposing themselves to higher risk. Technology like GoldenSHERPA can bridge this gap. 

We have curated a list of grocery stores in the Washington state area that do home delivery/pickup. We have also included a new list of best practices for your ordering experience. If your parents aren't comfortable with online shopping, get them to send a grocery list to you and order for them!

Tips For Safe Pick Up

  1. Choose "no contact delivery" when available
  2. Wipe down groceries when they enter the house
  3. Be sure to wash produce before use
  4. Have a mode of contact available in case of questions
  5. Plan ahead as many services are seeing high demand and may have longer wait times
  6. Viewing a tutorial on Youtube may help you feel more comfortable with new services


Fred Meyer

Home Delivery - $9.95 (no minimum purchase) 

Pickup - $4.95 (no minimum, groceries brought to car)


Pickup - $4.95 (groceries brought to car)


Delivers from a variety of stores including Safeway, Costco and Natural Grocers. Prices are usually higher than in-store. 


Pickup - FREE (groceries brought to car)

Home Delivery offered on the West of Washington State, and other areas USA wide - $5.99 (or free over $35).

Other grocery delivery services

 Supermarkets are not the only stores delivering food. There are plenty of online stores delivering fresh and organic fruit, vegetables and meat.


Locally run from Spokane. Partners with passionate Cooperatives, and farmers to bring farm fresh produce. 

Free shipping from $150

Farmbox Direct

Boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables straight to your door. Starting at $47.95.

Full Circle

Organic fruit and vegetables delivered to your door. Starting at $27.95, and based in WA.

Imperfect Foods

Fruit and vegetables with aesthetic defects delivered to your door. Starting at $16.

Hopefully these resources will help your parents who are being advised to shelter in place. It is also advised to wipe down the packaging upon delivery (REF

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