Why does my aging parent need an assessment?

What is a Geriatric Assessment?

What is a Geriatric Assessment?

Geriatric Assessment:
A professional medical overview that covers areas such as medication, behavior, needs, activity preferences, and daily routines.

The goal of an assessment is to pick up clues early before they cause a significant impact on your loved ones' daily life.  It would be best to watch for areas of mobility, mental health, money matters, driving, changes in appearance, life at home, and medication. If you are concerned, contact a geriatrician or geriatric case manager to schedule an assessment today.

Source: AARP: https://www.aarp.org/caregiving/home-care/info-2021/assessing-need-for-caregiver.html

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A definition for Geriatric AssessmentCaregivers need to understand what clues your parent is providing as they age.

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