Four Suggestions to Keep your Senior Hydrated

Four Suggestions to Keep your Senior Hydrated

“Dehydration is a common cause of hospitalization among elderly people,” says the Cleveland Health Clinic. Lack of hydration can have some serious consequences and put your loved one at risk. Read more specifics of the dangers of dehydration HERE.

Here are four suggestions to keep your senior hydrated:

  1. Keep water readily available: Having water nearby may promote more water consumption. Having water conveniently in a water bottle may also help your senior monitor their water intake. 
  2. Provide additional drinks: Providing a variety of drinks that contain a high percentage of water such as Gatorade or Tea may incentivize hydration. 
  3. Consume your water: Several fruits, vegetables, and other snacks contain a high percentage of water. Healthy water-dense foods include peaches, yogurt, and various soups. 
  4. Consider natural flavoring: Adding natural flavorings to water such as True Lemon or Sweetleaf WaterDrops may make hydrating more enjoyable.

For more information about how much water seniors should be drinking visit,

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