Finding Senior Transportation

Finding Senior Transportation

GoGoGrandparent Helps Arrange Uber and Lyft Rides for Seniors  

Many seniors' feel uncomfortable using fancy smartphones with all their new technology. But without a smartphone ordering a car from Uber or Lyft becomes a problem. That's where GoGoGrandparent comes a service utilizing Lyft and Uber to schedule transportation for seniors while bypassing smartphones or navigating an app. Call GoGoGrandparent directly from your mobile or landline for easy scheduling. But if you need help, you can always contact a live operator. 

To get started call directly or go to to access their online form. Order a car and receive the driver's name, type of vehicle, license plate, and the estimated time of arrival. Family members can receive text messages to keep informed of the loved one's location. GoGoGrandparent takes the extra step to screen drivers, ensuring that their car is compatible with senior riders and that they can offer additional help if needed. Their website has videos and a demo to help answer your questions.

GoGoGrandparent is an excellent option for seniors who want their independence and for family members who want peace of mind. 

Cost: There is a base fee, charge by minute and mile you can estimate price using their handy ride cost estimator. Concierge service is also available at $0.27 a minute.

Contact Information: Phone: (855) 464-6872 or click GoGoGrandparent

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