Company Details

Company Details

A company might contain communities located in one or several locations. The company details provides information about the entity which governs these communities. For example Brookdale Senior Living may be the company, and this company will be the head of communities in many different locations. For companies with only one community, your company name will likely be the same as your community name. 

First and Last Name: Should be the name of the main person in charge of managing the Golden Sherpa platform. 
Company name: Name of the entity which governs one or more communities. 
Phone: This number should link to the person named above. 

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        11.     When logged in, from any page select the dropdown box in the top right hand corner of the page.       2.     Select profile 3.     You can now edit any of the details     4.     Make sure to save any changes at the bottom of the page.
    • How to change Payment Details

       Go to profile > Payment settings > Change your default payment method.
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