Caregiver Burnout Avoidance

Six Tips For Caregiver Burnout Avoidance

Daughter and Father VisitingCaregiver daughter looking down at father.

Caring for your parent can be hard work. TED proposes some steps that allow a caregiver to take care of their own wellbeing. 
1. Assemble your own team: This involves having contact with friends, colleagues, or others to help make decisions and lend a hand. 
2. Be your own caregiver: Mindfulness is a key suggestion that help burnout
3. Find an outlet: Putting aside your own hobbies and passions, might seem the best thing. But it is important to keep up your own creative endeavours.
4. Set boundaries and stick to them: Guilt and a feeling of obligation may become unhealthy. Set boundaries so you don't become drained.
5. Find a different way to connect with the person you are caring for: Find common activities which move away from defining your roles as "caregiver" and "patient"
6. Call in backup if you need it: If you are nearing your breaking point, call in help for a week.

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