Assetitive Devices

What are Assistive Devices?

Assistive devices:
External devices that are designed, made or adapted to assist a person to perform a particular task. Good examples of assistive product and technology include:
  • Hearing aids
  • Cognitive aids, including computer or electrical assistive devices.
  • Computer software and hardware, such as voice recognition programs and screen readers.
  • Closed captioning to allow people with hearing problems to watch movies, television programs, and other digital media.
  • Physical modifications in the built environment, including ramps, grab bars, and wider doorways. 
  • Devices and features of devices to help perform tasks such as cooking, dressing, and grooming; specialized handles and grips, devices that extend reach, and lights on telephones and doorbells are a few examples.
  • Mobility aids such as canes, crutches or scooters.

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