About the GoldenSHEPRA Team

About US

Welcome to GoldenSHERPA, an online marketplace connecting you to information, ideas, and resources designed to help create the life your senior envisions in later retirement. Our mission is to empower consumers and providers in the eldercare industry with unbiased, easy-to-understand information enabling them to make informed decisions.


I started GoldenSHERPA after, I lost my mom to cancer. I wanted her to enjoy life to the fullest in her last months. After she passed, my goal remained the same but shifted to my dad as he began constructing a new life. I felt the stress and fear of the unknown that can come when your parent ages. But I know there is hope. Hope that can be found when you know what is available; what services assist with transitions; what providers exist if a move is necessary.


There was no one place I could quickly access this hope, without, of course, giving up my personal information. So, I decided to create it. An online community where people freely access information about senior living services and providers. Where families browse and wonder without provoking constant phone calls and emails. Where you search based on the particular wants and needs of your family or loved one, with no need for a callback.


We recently enjoyed a successful launch, with communities that are unique in offerings and personality. So, check back frequently to see what is available and watch the content grow.


If you have any ideas for the marketplace, I would love to hear from you.