5 technologies for senior independence

5 technologies for senior independence

Your grandad didn’t use a computer, but your dad probably has a smartphone sitting in his pocket.

There is plenty of consumer available products on the market today that can assist in making your parents lives a little bit easier.

We discuss 5 technologies that you have probably heard of, but might not have considered how they can help dad:

1. TILE:

Tile is a lost item finder. Simply attach a ‘tile’ to your keys/wallet/glasses. 

Tip 1: You can then ask your Google Home/Amazon Alexa to “find my keys”. The tile attached to the keys will start buzzing and they can be found. 

Tip 2: Google Home will already find your lost phone for you by simply asking.

2. Smart Watch (Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy)

These little computers on our wrists are becoming ubiquitous in our lives, and they can certainly help seniors. 

Tip 1: Apple has included a fall detector so that if dad falls over, the watch will recognise this and ask if he needs help.

Tip 2: Some Doctors are using the Apple Smart watch to record data such as heart rates, and even an electrocardiogram. It is not FDA approved however and is only used as an indicator.

3. Voice activated TV:

We all know the feeling of using a friends TV remote! It takes a while to figure out the remote control, and the buttons are tiny!! You don't even need to buy a new TV! If you are with Xfinity you can request a free X1 box that connects to your existing TV and gives you an all in one voice remote control

Tip 1: Instead of flicking through 50 channels trying to find Monday Night Football, you can simply press a large button and say “play Monday night football”.

4. Google Home/Amazon Alexa:

Whilst there are plenty of add-ons for Google Home such as smart door bells and smart temperature controls, there are many simple features that might make life a tiny bit easier.

Tip 1: It’s great for setting timers. Simply put the chicken in the oven, say “ok google set timer for 6 hours”, and the device will alarm when time is up.

Tip 2: No hands are need for phone calls. On Google Home simply say “ok google call my daughter” and with no need for pressing small buttons you can make a call. This is great for someone with dexterity issues.

5. Kitchen Appliances:

Technology doesn’t need to be fancy. Simple kitchen appliances can help make a seniors life much easier.

Vegetable cutter: Slicing carrots and chopping potatoes can get hard when you lose dexterity in your hands. There are numerous appliances that can help with this slicing and dicing. 

Jar opener: Sometimes I struggle for 10 minutes to open a jar. However there are devices that can help open those impossible jars for you. An example is available at Bed Bath and Beyond.

What technologies have made a big difference in your parents lives?

If your family is ready for the next step in senior care Golden Sherpa is another excellent tool for them.

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